Bounty (2021)
De School for Sensuel Avoc Performance 30 mins

This journey commenced with my realization of a disconnection from my roots, particularly my lack of interest in delving into my origins. This prompted me to explore the traditions of Congo, focusing on the genesis of traditional masks, leading me to the discovery of the term "bakakhat."

Breaking down the term, "ba" symbolizes the blade, "ka" embodies the spirit, and "khat" represents the body. The bakakhat serves as a bridge connecting the blade, spirit, and body, defining the pivotal role of the mask.

The mask, for me, becomes the conduit between the tangible, the palpable, and the imaginative. I sought to depict a mask that resonates with my identity, mirroring the practices of my ancestors, each mask unique and distinctive—granting me the freedom to be myself, to be seen, and to invite others in.

I declare the presence of these four bodies, where sensuality is embodied in their entirety—shapes, curves, and the intimate connection between them. Their gender and faces become irrelevant as they engage in a sensual and sexual dialogue. The common thread linking us is my bakakhat, a catalyst for mutual enrichment and a journey toward healing.

This work revolves around the idea that rediscovering one's identity facilitates a reconnection with the body, its senses, and its profound ties to the mind. It is an ode to listening, understanding, acknowledging, and embracing, ultimately unlocking desires and longings that have long been suppressed.

Once again, I assert the arrival of these four bodies.

Costumes designer Camille Doussy


Sound Hala Namer


Performers Dancers

Inés Destruhaut


La Uyi Lhasee


June Ohashi


Logan Muamba


Organized by

@nadjahenss and @naamafree

Scenography & Pictures Maja Wachowska