Logan Hon Mua

Logan Hon Mua is a 23-year-old black artist with immigrant parents, born in Paris. Throughout Logan's artistic journey and life, they have acquired the skill of navigating within predominantly white spaces. The shaping of Logan's identity as a black individual has been influenced by European and colonial ideas, defining aspects such as their self-concept, the meaning of blackness, and the possibilities of who they can become. Striving to break free from these ingrained ideas, Logan engages in research and self-discovery to understand their identity, seeking a sense of completeness without the lingering feeling of inadequacy.

In the realm of art, Logan challenges these preconceived notions. The exploration revolves around the theme of limits, encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual boundaries, as well as external forces that strip one of agency, such as time. The investigation extends to the various materials and mediums employed by Logan, who values the organic nature of each material while delving into their limits of opacity, transparency, lightness, and gravity. At present, Logan is actively developing and composing a project that will encompass their diverse artistic mediums.

Picture: @inka.hilsenbek