LYNX Julidans X stedelijk


Astrit Ismaili explores the possibilities of ‘being as becoming’ within the realm of performance. In alter egos, body extensions and wearable musical instruments, they think of, about and through the body: as it transforms and is transformed, as it moves, makes sound and makes contact, as it extends and exceeds itself, reaching out to and touching the other. Ismaili, born in Kosovo, received their master’s in Performance at DasArts in Amsterdam.


Concept, composition, direction, text: Astrit Ismaili Sound composition and engineering: Leroy Chaar, with support by Fabian Reichle
Performance, choreography: Astrit Ismaili, Blerta Ismaili, Agnes Nokshiqi, Billy Morgan, Logan Muamba Ndanou
Instrument concept, design and construction: Astrit Ismaili, Mihalis Shammas, Michele Abolaffio
Production and advice: Titus Nouwens
Garments: Flaka Jahaj 

Supported by: Manifesta 14, Autostrada Biënnale, BAU, BijlmAIR


Julidans and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam jointly present Astrit Ismaili's performance LYNX. In LYNX, the artist works with newly designed musical instruments consisting of long threads conjoining performers with metal sculptures and repositories of sound. By unwinding these threads, performers activate a plethora of sound fragments sourced from art, popular culture and politics. Using their voices the performers intertwine these sounds with original songs composed by the artist. As a result, an ever-shifting constellation of strings and a cacophony of sounds emerges. ‘Materializing’ the sounds in space these threads create physical borders for performers and viewers alike.